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www.TabletopMusic.com is an easy way to bring original background music to your tabletop game sessions!

This pack contains the audio files for all 48 tracks in the collection!

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GenreRole Playing
TagsBoard Game, Dungeons & Dragons, Fantasy, Tabletop, trpg


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this soundtrack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

TabletopMusic.com Part 1.zip 777 MB
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TabletopMusic.com Part 3.zip 865 MB
TabletopMusic.com Part 4.zip 105 MB


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Hi. I was potentially going to run a D&D quest on a friend's channel in a week or two. I think they *do* run ads on their twitch channel and then upload the VODs to youtube. Are these safe to use in that situation? The content wouldn't be behind a paywall, and is free for anyone to watch.

Nice! That sounds like a lot of fun! :D

For that I’d recommend using the recently released, updated version of the tracks found here!

Not all tracks have been updated yet, but the ones that have been are significantly cooler!


While i do thank you for the spotify link, i don't use spotify. But other than that, are you saying these are safe to use in the streams?

some of the old versions were registered for content ID at one point but were removed, but some people have still reported issues.

The new versions are definitely safe though. 

I’ll upload them here on Itch tomorrow and send you a code if you’d like to send me an email

Well that's lovely. Will a DM on twitter work? Itch.io doesn't have a messaging system as far as i know.

Twitter dm also works!

As a heads up not ALL the tracks have new versions yet, but they’re in progress. Fingers crossed the ones that do cover your needs :)

I bought this in a pack bundle like years ago, can i use these in a video game that i sell?


hey! Unfortunately this is a soundtrack, so it doesn’t cover usage in other commercial products!

My YouTube page claimed it. Is there a licence that I can show to them? I see nothing like that in the packages themselfs.



This is actually a downloadable soundtrack so it doesn’t include a license for commercial use!

If you’d like to use some of my music in a commercial video/game/etc check out the asset packs on my profile!

Unfortunately itch doesn’t do a great job of distinguishing the difference. But anything in the “asset pack” category includes a commercial license!


Just a heads up of you use them for streaming meta (aka Facebook and Instagram) flag them as copy righted by someone called Alec Shea so be careful 


hey! Yes, that is me, I am Alec Shea. If you show your ownership of this pack, the copyright will be removed! (This is to stop people using the music illegally).

will do thank you for clearing this up 


no problem! :)

Huh, so if someone DOESN'T have ownership of the pack, they can't post content relating to it?  For example, I was thinking of buying these packs for a game I was working on - if someone were to do a lets play of the game, presumably they wouldn't have bought the same pack I did, so would their video get struck down because of the music?

Technically yes, (it's a bit complicated since I didn't really design them for video games) but I don't really mind people using them for that, so if you or anyone runs into any problems let me know and I'll sort it out. However they should be Twitch safe and I think YouTube safe as well!
Just keep in mind this is the soundtrack, so this is just for casual listening. If you want to buy them for commercial use please check out the asset packs on my profile! Itch isn't very good at distinguishing the difference, but you can tell by looking under the "purchase" section and seeing if it says "asset pack" or "soundtrack"!


Can I use these tracks over discord with a music playing bot?


sure! They’re free to use for any kind of streaming, etc!

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Am I able to use this music in a public actual-play rpg podcast?


Absolutely! The tracks are actually used in a few different podcasts including, I believe, Venture Maidens!


What is the license for these? Thanks :)


As these tracks are licensed to tabletopmusic.com they are just for casual listening, however they are stream safe! So if you want to use them for streaming, please go ahead and if you run into any problems just let me know! :)


Thank you!

Why I cant download it, when i bought Bundle for Ukraine?


You have to search for each individual thing on the download page specifically of the pack before they appear in your library.  Very fuckin' inefficient

I know this is an old comment, but -- for the record -- itch has since improved things so that even though the individual products in giant bundles don't all show up en masse in your account, if you go to product pages they'll show you what bundles you've bought it in.  After you do this, if you then click on one of the bundle download pages for that product, I think it then only shows that one download link on the product page for you.  (Though if you really want the other links, you can go and use the bundle pages to find your other download links too, or you can also open multiple download links in tabs to "register" them all to your account, and thereafter the product page will show all your download links.)


is it okay to use these for non-commercial video games ?


Hey pickledylans!
Send me an email at alecshea@sonancydesigns.com with the details of what kind of game (free public release, student project, personal hobby with no planned release etc.) and what tracks you want to use and we can discuss!