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it's very beautiful music <3

Thank you so much! Glad you like it!
Feel free to follow me on twitter (@slaleky) or Spotify ( if you want to hear more stuff! :)

Hi, I bought your music and want to use it in my game. 

Do you allow your music to be used in games?

if yes ... how to enter your name in the credits?

you have great music, I really wanted people to know the creator

Of course!

Credit me as Alec Shea!

Thank you so much!

Thank you <3

i will write to you how i will finish development and give strength to the game (about two or three weeks)

Such is the question

Can you arrange music for my games? (how do i finish this game ... there will be new music for a new game :)

You mean you’d like me to compose a soundtrack for your game?

Plague Of Nightterrors is really spooky! I like it!

Thanks! Glad you like it!